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Why You Should Consider Taking Idebenone

At the moment, the food antioxidants market is worth a staggering USD2.5 billion. If current projections are accurate, by 2025 the figure shall have surpassed USD3 billion. It is estimated that in the United States alone, dietary supplements are consumed by about three quarters of the entire adult population. Roughly 98% of these population claims that they do so to maximise their intake of minerals and vitamins, most of which happen to be antioxidants. It comes as a surprise that idebenone, a very powerful antioxidant does not get plenty of attention. As a matter of fact, it seems that not very many people are aware of it, let alone have it on their list of most used supplements. Below, we dive deep into what idebenone is and how it can benefit your health.

Idebenone is a lab manufactured substance that carries powerful antioxidant properties. It is very similar to a naturally occurring antioxidant called ubiquinone in terms of structure. It therefore got dubbed the name “synthetic analogue” of ubiquinone due to such similarities in structure. Even though it is synthetic, idebenone is a very potent antioxidant, much more potent compared to vitamin E. Due to its numerous benefits, it has been widely regarded as an effective treatment for conditions caused by mitochondrial dysfunction, improving skin health and memory retention. Idebenone works by scavenging free radicals present in the mitochondria, known as ROS i.e. Reactive Oxidative Species and neutralising them.

There are numerous antioxidants, with flavonoids alone accounting for roughly 6000 of them. In skin care products, kinetin is arguably the most common flavonoid. L-ascorbic acid present in vitamin C and vitamin E, available in eight chemical forms are other kinds of potent antioxidants. Plenty of these antioxidants get incorporated into numerous skincare products, more so those used for anti-ageing benefits. The effectiveness of different antioxidants varies due to their varying methods of action. Idebenone was ranked the highest antioxidant in terms of capacity for oxidative stress protection. This means that idebenone is among the most effective ingredients skincare products should have.

Reduced nerve activity is among the reasons for memory deficits. This occurs when people get older. The worst-case scenario of search reduced activity is further nerve breakdown. Nerves can be heavily degraded by oxidative damage and stress. If there are no sufficient levels of antioxidant in the system, memory may begin to fade. This could also make it difficult to create and store new memories. People can solve their memory issues by consuming idebenone supplements. Short term memory impairment can be effectively reduced by idebenone as shown by research.

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