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How to Help Someone Stop Hoarding

Hoarding is an activity that mostly is triggered by impulsive decisions that is a negative behavior for one to make it a behavior. Hoarding is an activity that most of the people who take part in it are not proud of doing. A hoarder may need external help to stop indulging in the activity and you might be their only source of assistance. There are ways that you should avoid while reaching out to them especially the ways that seem as though you are attacking them. There is a difference between hoarding and collecting of items. With the collection, most collectors are never embarrassed about the items they acquire for themselves. Hoarding involves getting items that are of low or no value at all. If depression is not dealt with, hoarding becomes an escape for most that may make them end in lack of money. Some of the materials purchased are usually just bought and kept in hiding places. In this article, some tips will help you know how you can help a victim of hoarding.

Ensure you make frequent visits, though make it seem that you only want to spend time with them. During these visits, try indulge or introduce other profitable activities that the victim can take part in. Since hoarding is an impulsive that is done when one is trying to avoid thinking of a sad or low moment. Being friendly to a victim while avoiding to show them pity will make the hoarding victim want to be closer to you.

After you get close to them that the hoarding victim lets you in on their space, you should avoid attacking them for their growth habit. Avoid taking their items because the victim will see you as their enemy. Ensure that you seem comfortable in their rooms and act as though it is normal to have so many items of little value . Everything takes time, even addiction gradually stops, but after some time, might be after a short or long time.

It is close to impossible to help someone that is suffering from something that you have little or no knowledge on. All cases that are triggered with impulsive decisions and reactions need to be dealt with gently. When a hoarding victim is out buying or acquiring other items, they are blinded with their current emotional situation.

You should avoid indulging in activities with the hoarding victim that involve spending or acquiring more items. One of the reasons as to why hoarding is not encouraged is because the victim may end up using all his savings and earnings to just buy these items.