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Important Things All People Should Know About Visa Waiver Program

Visa waiver program (VWP) is a program in us that allows people to travel to specific countries without permission. This programs allow people from us or VWP countries to travel for only business or tourism. The countries that are selected for this program are only developed countries. Among countries that have qualified VWP include Portugal Germany and Australia.

A valid Electronic System for Travel Authorizations required in order to qualify for this program. ESTA authorization is required when entering a sea or air vessel that is traveling to USA. Us Custom and Border Protection are the on that run ESTA; ESTA is an electronic custom based system. Electronic system for travel authorization ESTA is a system that is fully automated that screen passenger before they travel to the USA under the visas waiver program. If you are planning to travel to the USA under this system, then you must get approval of ESTA. When you plan to travel to the US, ensure that you first get authrorization of ESTA. The ESTA is usually valid for two years. A new ESTA is required in multiple circumstances. You will need to get a new ESTA when you get a new passport, change gender, citizenship and name.

In order for one to be eligible for this program there are things that he/she must qualify. You must be a citizen of us or a citizen of qualifying countries in order for you to be eligible for this program. You should also be traveling to the USA for business or tourism, and you are going to last in the USA for a period of less than 91days. Besides, you need a credit card that is valid and even a passport from these qualifying countries. Your contact and recent employment information requirements are also required.

A digital passport in the passport is another requirement. A digital picture is the one that is printed on the page as opposed to the one that is glued or laminated. A machine readable passport is also required. If you don’t have a machine-readable passport, you have an option of applying for a qualifying passport or obtain a visa.

However there are nationals of VWP countries who are not eligible for this program. National of VWP who have traveled or have been present in countries such as Somalia, Korea, Sudan, Libya, Iraq, Iran, and Syria are not eligible. However, diplomat does not fall under this category. Another category of people who are exempted are people who are both citizen of VWP countries, and also citizen of Korea, Iran, Sudan and Syria.

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